Electo Cleaner & Flux

The ultimate dynamic duo for soldering triumph: Cleaner & Flux! With its low solid content and potent formulation, Cleaner & Flux is your go-to solution for impeccable soldering results every time. This powerful combination is meticulously crafted to prime surfaces and elevate soldering performance to new heights.

The Cleaner component swiftly eliminates contaminants like dirt, grease, and oxidation from metal surfaces, ensuring robust and enduring solder joints. Meanwhile, Flux steps in to meticulously prepare the surface, banishing oxides and facilitating seamless solder flow, resulting in pristine, dependable connections.

From copper pipes to intricate electrical components and delicate jewelry, Cleaner & Flux stands as your unwavering ally in achieving professional-grade soldering outcomes. Bid farewell to unreliable connections and embrace the prowess of Cleaner & Flux for soldering excellence.

Furthermore, rest assured that Cleaner & Flux is proudly Bharat-made, bearing the esteemed approvals of SGS, ROHS, and ZED, attesting to its superior quality and compliance with stringent standards.

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